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January 18, 2019
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January 24, 2019

Setting Goals vs Achieving goals

The difference about setting and achieving goals might seem obvious … if you don’t set a goal you won’t have anything to achieve but also if you do set a goal and don’t achieve it what’s the use?

Achieved or Not?

A lot of times we set a goal and almost, sort of, achieve it and then tick it off as done. Or make and accept the reasons for not achieving our goals way to easily.

The way you go about in going over from one phase in your life to the next shows your employer and people around you, not only your determination in the process but also how you plan and succeed … or don’t succeed.

Set your eye on the target

When in a bridging phase of your life it is extremely important to know your end target. Be very specific on what exactly you want to achieve. Know what you want to achieve and set that goal first.

Make a plan

Yip .. you heard me set up a workable step by step goal plan.

Be hard on yourself

Setting that goal is great.
I can give you 100 ways and processes of ‘how to’ achieve that goal. But their is ONE GOLDEN RULE – YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION!
Be hard on yourself.
Get yourself there.
Be persistent.
Be consistent.
Do not waiver.
Do not stop.
Do not rest.
Reach your goal!

Once you have achieved that goal, you will know what the difference is between setting and achieving a goal. And you will know in the new phase of your life how far and how hard to push to get yourself there.