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October 5, 2018
What’s Missing in your Entrepreneurial Journey
January 18, 2019

Jamie decided he wants to be a business owner. Because you never know what could go wrong and if a business will survive and work – he decided to buy into a well-known restaurant franchise. He knows, that this franchise idea is good; it worked well for others; it’s a good concept; other guys has been very successful in this franchise. And so he opens his franchise. What Jamie soon realized is that just because he had a bit of knowledge on the hospitality sector and restaurants did not mean that he could run a business. He did not take into account that although the franchise idea is good he still needed to work at it. He still needed to have a certain business skill-set. He still needed business acumen.

Jamie learnt tough lessons, had to swallow some bitter pills. Landed in the CCMA, small claims court and even on hello Peter once. But he learnt through his mistakes and can now stake claim on a successful business.


Jamie was successful in the end, how can B2B make a difference to that?

‘Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes’ says Oscar Wilde. We hear the phrase … ‘if only I had known’ a-lot from business owners. If only I knew about the benefits of marketing and networking. If only I implemented human resource functionality in my business earlier. If only …

If only Jamie knew … he would not have made a few of those costly mistakes.


Learning from mistakes others made

‘Having people to talk to about my business has helped me to take myself and my business to higher heights. I know the importance of learning from others and talking to other like-minded people about my business ideas and expectations. Without the knowledge I share in Bridge2Biz on networking I would not have known this.‘ – says our coach Elmarie Grobbelaar

We all make mistakes. Without them we will never learn but we can also learn from mistakes others have made. By doing Bridge2Biz you can learn from people in the industry and from the mistakes they’ve made. This does not mean that you will never make a mistake, but it means that you can make your own and learn from mistakes already made.


Mistakes happen

As business owners, one of the first things we realize is that learning takes time and costs money. Doing Bridge2Biz you learn from 10 coaches – out of their mistakes. Which means you don’t have to make them.

Once you’ve started a business, time costs money and to make money takes up time. Make use of this opportunity now! Take the time before you start making the money!