September 10, 2018

Commercial Awareness

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Franco Leibbrandt

Commercial Awareness is all about getting an understanding of business overall. I am very excited about sharing my experience with you and hope that by the end of this journey you will be able to use what you have learned in Commercial Awareness to make sound decisions and be able to use the skills and knowledge you acquire in your business.
Being employable means: I am aware of business trends and challenges

More about Franco

Franco studied LLB at the University of Pretoria. During his studies he got involved in a business where he could start sharing on stage. Through this company he did several talks with regards to personal development. He developed a passion for human behaviour and psychology and later got certified in N.L.P.

To gain assistance in various different roles, he worked with Cell C as independent contractor assisting in their sales division. He then went on to work in the marketing division of SMEG. Currently, he facilitates N.L.P courses and does talks at various businesses in South Africa. He is a regular speaker at schools where he trains learners and teachers. He is involved in a program where they implemented a leadership program in several schools in SA. Franco is a businessman keen on sharing his experience with everyone.

More about Commercial Awareness

Commercial awareness is the ability to understand what makes an organisation or a business successful. It can either be through providing services or selling products to a specific market.

There are some crucial skills that one needs to demonstrate in the business world to be successful in this regard. The most important being the understanding that organisations are there to turn profits.

It is also important to show some level of financial awareness and the ability to help an organisation adopt cost-saving measures whilst remaining efficient in their tasks.