What is the total program fee?

The Program fee is an R19 800 once off payment

The fee is non-refundable.

It includes;

- access to all 10 modules,

- access to all module intro webinars,

- access to all module coaching webinars

- online tutor support,

- inbox-to-inbox module coach support,

- assessment and moderation

- certification by the University of Stellenbosch

  What do I need to get started?

Grade 12 Certificate (or equal) with a minimum average of 55%

- Basic math skills

- Laptop

- Internet connection. Minimum ADSL or 3G connection.
  When can I enrol?

We enroll new groups of students on a monthly basis. See the main page for the upcoming enrolment dates.

  Are there any required exams or tests?

The course does not include a formal exam but in each module, you will have to complete;

- a Final Module Quiz, wherein you need to achieve 75% to get access to the Final Module Assignment. You can retake the quiz if you are not successful in your first attempt

- aFinal Module Assignment, which gets done on your own time and uploaded before a set cut off date. You need to obtain a mark of 50% to be competent in the module. If not successful in your first attempt, you will be issued a remedial, whereafter you can submit a second time, but will only be limited to achieve a 50% mark.

After you have submitted all ten Module Assignments, you will be required to submit a Final Integrated Course Assignment, which summarizes the complete course.

  How much time do I have to complete the course?

You need about 2-3 hours per day over a period of 6 months.

The course, however, provides flexibility as you only have 2 scheduled webinar sessions per 14-day cycle. Managing your time and staying focused is key success factors but you will still be able to complete the course whilst working, traveling or engaging in other activities.

  What happens if missed a group webinar session?

Missing a group webinar session is not the end of the world

If you missed a group webinar session you can attend it again on the next cycle. Go to the calendar on the website and find the next date and time when the same session is scheduled for another group. You will, however, only have two opportunities as your support period of 6 months has indicated assignment deadlines.

Although the course program is being designed to allow participants to be flexible, we still motivate all students to be disciplined in attending group webinar sessions in their first cycle.

  What recognition will I receive upon completion?

Successful students will receive a Certificate in Fundamental Business Skills issued by the University of Stellenbosch.

  Will I be able to connect with other students?

Our online platform provide sufficient functionality to connect and communicate with other students across South Africa

Part of your success would be to engage in group sessions and work with fellow students. Taking these relationships forward in your professional career might be very beneficial.

  Can I apply for a study loan?

Yes, the course has been approved by all leading accredited financial institutions. Feel free to make contact with us for guidance and contact details of competent financial student advisors who are well informed on the course.

  Will Bridge2Biz help me to be selected for university programmes?

Selection for university programmes is normally based on Grade 12 academic records.

However, selection boards will probably respect what you have achieved. They know it's hard to juggle studies on a part-time basis in a fast moving life. Completing this course will demonstrate your ability to seize opportunities and equip you for new challenges, thus enhancing your application.

  Will the course provide me with any credits for further studies at the University or USB-ED?

The focus of the course is within a development framework and not a qualification as such. The course will not provide you with any credits for further studies.

  Will I be able to do sport for the University of Stellenbosch?
Unfortunately not. Only students who are registered as full-time students are allowed to do sport for the university and compete in.

Maties do however have a few open clubs in limited sports codes.

  Can I do the course living abroad?

Yes, you can. When travelling abroad, Bridge2Biz can be a great solution to stay on your career path. You're only challenge would be time difference for webinar attendance, but if you are serious about the program you will make it a priority.

   What kind of support will I have during the course?

You will have multiple communications channels available for support, which include, online chat, email, inbox-to-inbox messages, Skype or telephone.

A Program Facilitator guides you through the program and is available in office hours to assist if you need support.

Coaches are available through the inbox-to-inbox functionality and do a proper Q and A session during every webinar.

The Program Facilitator also host a Final Assignment Workshop after each module to ensure every student completely understand what is expected to be done in each assignment.

  Do I need to download any programmes or apps on my computer?

No not at all. The complete course is managed by an online cloud based educational platform. You can thus access the course from any computer which is connected to the internet if you have a username and password.

  Will I be able to connect to the course with my mobile phone?

Yes, the cloud-based educational platform which USB-ED makes use of do have a supporting mobile app. You can thus access the course if you have a username and password and is connected to the internet.