What the world of work will demand from Generation Z
January 29, 2019

G R O W into a career OR Business

There is no academical or set procedure to GROW into a career or business. It all start with a dream and a combination of learning and experience to build skills and exposure in a chosen field.

My start

Being a sales consultant was not my dream job, but this was my only offer. I took the job. It paid less than what my petrol cost me per month and as a serious introvert and shy person it was really difficult to walk into a shop, introduce myself and sell my service. But I had to make it work.

After a few months, people started to recognize me. I put myself out there and joined a networking group in our area (hoping to sell more). This is where I actually grew and learned more than out of any book.
I learnt from current business owners. By listening and showing interest (even in the boring stuff) through what they talked about I identified an opportunity!

I discussed this with one of the business owners at a networking event and he pulled me into his company, here he gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted to and also the skills and training I needed to excel in my career.

This is my story

It took me about a year of serious struggling before I got the opportunity which I needed to grow into the career I envisioned for myself.
Yours might be different. But I believe that what I have learnt will also work for you

Face the Facts

  1. You can never say no to a job. If it is something easy and within your reach – do it! You never know where this might lead you in the future.  Even if the pay is horrific.
  2. Open yourself up for opportunities. You never know who might come knocking – and the thing is, people see you smashing a ‘simple’ job and they believe they can trust you with more.
  3. Keep an eye on trends in your business sector. Get involved somewhere, whether you take part and comment on blogs or go to networking events. Make sure that you always know what is going on.
  4. Network. Network. Network. And again … network. It is SO important to build solid relationships with people. What you read on a CV is not what a person is. But what you see in a person that is what makes the difference. So, network and build relationships. Like and share facebook posts of the companies you are trying to get involved with, get involved in social events they might have. Offer your services to help out for free.

Can I hear an Amen!

This is the kind of stuff which opens eyes and people see that you are not just after money and promoting yourself, but you want to make something of yourself and build a reputable career.

When others in your industry and community sees you working hard, being interested, getting involved and that you are consistent in what you do, they will start helping you to build your career and that is what makes the difference.

No man is an island but by helping each other each man can have his own palace.