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January 24, 2019
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February 7, 2019

What the world of work will demand from Generation Z

If you are a GenZ’er and born between the years 1995 and 2010, you are probably ready to enter the world of work or preparing for it. Businesses are constantly making changes to accommodate their employees but what will the world of work actually demand from you as a GenZ’er?

Reality Hits

Knowing that you are entering a workplace where lots have been before you and probably still is working, there is certain things which is constant and will not change. There will definitely be certain procedures which has been tried and tested and they will stay the same for years to come. Those who have been there before you might really have a better understanding of their business, jobs and clients, than you think you have – use this, learn from them.

This does not mean that you cannot make suggestions for change or have an input but it does mean that your ideas might not always work out or be accepted.

Put down your phone

Yes .. go-ahead read the point again … Put. Down. Your. Phone.

I know your apps, your wellness, your numbers, your ideas, your life is on that small rectangular piece of plastic but put it down, lift up your head and look at the faces around you. And then smile. Your new employer needs your tech savvy and new your ideas to help them in a ever growing market, but they also need you to have the personal skill-set to know when to work, and be busy with your phone and when to put it down, laugh, make jokes and have compassion with your co-workers and clients.

Enable technology

So you might be the youngest in the workplace, you will probably be more tech-savvy than any of your co-workers. Use that knowledge. In an ever-growing, ever-changing business world where technology plays a bigger and bigger role, make sure to make those suggestions. I don’t care if you are the post-handling-clerk or if you are the cashier, if you have the knowledge and skill then make the suggestion. Yes, you will have to follow the correct lines, and no you will not be promoted to IT manager if your idea is put into place. But your idea will have an impact on the company and that will make a difference ultimately in your life too.


Yip, I’ve just made that a thing … Teachability can be easily measured during your interview, so be teachable!

You decide to enter the job-market directly after school. If you are lucky enough to be employed, you will probably need your employer to teach you. To give you on-the-job training and lift your skills. And there might be nothing wrong with this, but be teachable. Don’t expect to be appointed into the higher-level positions immediately. Don’t be a ‘know-it-all’. Start low, listen, learn and work yourself up.

It’s rough and tough out there. Your employer will not be a GenZ’er, he/she will probably not be a millennial either. You will probably have to cope with a Xennial – somebody who knows the benefits of technology but can live without it. Someone who worked with enthusiasm to build their business and are now finally in the position where they can bestow their knowledge upon someone else.

Be ready, have strategy and make an impact!