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January 21, 2019
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January 29, 2019

Mistakes you cannot afford to make

People start businesses. People manage businesses. But people are prone to making mistakes. If I have learnt anything in business, it is that there are a few mistakes you cannot afford to make …

Overpromising and Underdelivering

If you are a business owner you will probably do anything to ‘make the sale’, or to get the new client, but most of all to get in the money the end of the month. We tend to think that we can all be Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, but reality is, we are not. Most of us will not have success when we promise to deliver on something we have not done before or a product we don’t have yet.
What we need to know is that a client will probably give you the opportunity to get what you need to deliver the service or product if we are honest and deliver every-time on our promises.

Build a Reputation

This brings us to the matter of our reputation. When you have a business you are constantly building your brand. And in the age of technology we know that 1 Facebook or Hello Peter complaint can be seen by thousands of people in an hour or two. So overpromising and not delivering, not keeping to your promise, can do irreparable damage to your reputation.

Get your Product ‘client ready’ before the sell

The entrepreneur in you will urge you to just get something out there, just get a basic idea of your product out there, so that no-one else will take your idea. BUT the wise decision will be to get your product 100% right before putting it out on the shelf. Take the time, make sure your product is perfect because products is easy to improve later but once your reputation is damaged, there is no turning back.

Communication is Key

Get on the same page with your employees. Communicate your business ideas and plans with your employees and let them do the same. You can learn a lot about your company from someone on the floor dealing with day-to-day issues and clients.

Keep it real

There is this saying in life: ‘fake it until you make it’. I have seen people ‘faking it’ up till the day they closed their business door for the last time because they did not ‘make it’ – because of all the ‘faking it’. If you hear what I am saying … Don’t try to go big just do your thing. Keep it real. Your clients will see you for you and appreciate you for wo you are and what you deliver to them. So just keep it real and ‘make it’.