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September 21, 2018
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October 5, 2018

It’s an age-old question: Are entrepreneurs a special breed, born into this world with a drive and need to succeed that most of humanity lacks, or can they be created through education, experience, and mentorship?


The ‘born’ entrepreneur

We all know that kid, the boy who started selling marbles or silkworms at school – he never played with them though, he just sold whatever was the newest ‘thing’ at school which all the kids wanted to play with. He went on to sell chickens then pigs then cattle in high school and at 20 (while still studying) he opened his first shop or bought his first farm.

Or the girl who never gave up, she new what she wanted and she worked for it! She tried selling / wheeling and dealing. Every second month she had a new job and something else she was working at to make it big. She dreamed that one day she will be one of the wealthiest most influential women in the country and this morning you saw her face on The Entrepreneur Magazine – she’s made it!

They are the entrepreneurs of our age. The – born to be big – entrepreneurs.


The ‘made’ entrepreneur

This is me, I dreamed but struggled. Forgot about my dream for a while. Then tried again. Then failed and gave up. But there seem to be this little voice in my head that keeps going – ‘you should be working for the guy in the mirror’.  

Then entered, my hero – my mentor. Under this guy’s influence and using his knowledge and experience I learned that my ‘dream’ can be my reality. Through chats with him I realized where I made mistakes before and what I had to change, to change the outcome of my decisions.


I am not a born entrepreneur!

So maybe there is truth to the studies by Scott Shane, (professor of entrepreneurial studies at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University) which suggests that entrepreneurs are born not made. But maybe a normal being like myself can learn from entrepreneurs and still build a successful business for myself.
Reality is, that taking what we can learn from entrepreneurs, putting these into perspective and using it for our own benefit is the future, and might be the core requirement of being employable.

Bridge2Biz has specifically been designed to help young people, without wasting time or money,  get a true reflection of best practice business skills to grow into an entrepreneurial mindset.  Even if you are not an entrepreneur … you will still have to think like one to become one.