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August 16, 2018
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You received the call! Yes, the call, the invite to the interview, to the job you’ve had your eye on the past few weeks.

Waiting it out

Walking into reception on interview day you see 3 other faces there. You remember them from your varsity class.
The class sleeper – he could not stay awake. There is no competition there. Especially when they phone his previous boss. Apparently he was always in trouble and got fired.
Then the two academics – what are they doing here? You can just as well make a turn and go back home. Kiara and Abigail. Always in competition with each other and they excel in everything they do.

Your confidence levels are low. Well lets be honest, lower than low.

Before you can make a run for it, they call your name …


The actual interview

It went well. You think. There was 8 people around the table, all staring and blaring out questions. You had to think fast. They asked questions which you have not read about on internet. And then gave you 15 minutes to check and work on a presentation before you had to present it to them. They asked very few subject related questions. Who would think, that in an interview for accountant, you will be asked about your presentation skills and labour law.

Then came the one question which made you smile: ‘What sets you apart from your competitors outside?’ … You knew you had this!


What sets you apart from your competitors?

If this was you, what will your answer be to that question?  They know what you know. You studied the same course. Yes you where on the debate team and they played violin but that’s not going to help you in this accounting position. What sets you apart from your competition?

The answer to that question will be: I did the Bridge2Biz course, which means that

  • I am aware of business trends and challenges;
  • I have an online strategy;
  • I can sell and market my product and service;
  • I exceed in customer expectations;
  • I can manage a project and special event;
  • I can manage Finances on a day-to-day basis;
  • I understand the basics of Human Capital Management;
  • I can present my ideas;
  • I have meaningful business relationships; and
  • I develop myself continuously.You have experience, you know more about business than your competitors. Having business skills – sets you apart from your competition every-time.