Business skills will get you the job
August 27, 2018

When it comes to work and study options, doing a business skills course is crucial. It’s globally recognised and contains skills that are transferable across a number of industries. Whether you want to work for an established company, start your own business or join a startup, it’s your skill set that will open plenty of doors. Here are some obvious and maybe-not-so-obvious reasons to do a business skills course:

1. Creating a watertight business plan

Every good business starts with a plan of some kind. The fundamental skill for any entrepreneur is learning to create a plan that’s realistic, well thought-out and sustainable. If there’s one thing that you’ll definitely learn on Bridge2Biz it’s how to design a business model canvas.


2. Crunching numbers

Numbers don’t lie, as they say, so a big part of any business plan is crunching the numbers. From there, it becomes clear pretty quickly whether the business will be sustainable or not.


3. The ability to adapt

While some aspects of business are fundamental, other aspects are constantly changing. In fact, there are lots of jobs that will be obsolete in just a few years. This means that the ability to learn and adapt is more important than ever.  Bridge2Biz is the perfect solution.


4. Communication skills

Arguably the most important skill of all – communication, is crucial within any workplace, business and organisation. Whether you like it or not, a business skills course will force you to interact and cooperate with your peers (even if you don’t have so much in common), which is good practice for the future.


5. Network

As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” And this couldn’t be more true in the business world. And the great thing about Bridge2Biz is that you’ll come in contact with a whole range of people, including other students and business coaches. This network is priceless down the track.


6. Interpreting financial data

Businesses function through the analysis and interpretation of trends within data. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this scientific approach, but it’s definitely a skill with specific systems and processes that must be learned over time.


7. Critical thinking

It takes critical thinking to spot a problem with something and even more critical thinking to figure out how to resolve that problem. This is a key part of any business-related profession but also something that you can apply to the rest of your life.